Interface Summary
Module Module of the ACD application.

Class Summary
ACD Main ACD application class.
Area Area - relation between several nodes.
AreaType Area handling classes are not implemented yet and do mostly nothing.
Component Superclass for all components - nodes, edges and areas.
Components Container class for storing components
ComponentType Superclass of types of all components.
ComponentTypes Container class for types of components
Edge Edge connecting two nodes.
EdgeType Type of edges.
Gui Graphical user interface of the ACD application
JarClassLoader A class loader for loading jar files, both local and remote.
MenuBar Menu Bar.
Method Method that can be executed on a component.
ModuleAdapter Module adapter class.
Node Node of the security model.
NodeType Type of nodes.
PlacementHint Placement hint - graph beautification helper.
PropertyType Property type is superclass of methods, triggers and types of values.
PropertyTypes Container for holding methods, triggers and types of values.
Trigger Triggers are functions that are executed automaticly when certain events occur.
Value Value of a component.
Values Container for holding values.
ValueType Type of value of a component.